Guidelines for Emergency Intervention


Applicants seeking an emergency intervention by the Foundation in support of their situations/activities must submit a written request in Arabic, English or French that meets the below-mentioned guidelines.



Please send your application in a 'word' format to the following email address:

You can download the application form here.


Preliminary considerations:

  • Requests for emergency funding are considered when applicants can show that an intervention by the EMHRF will help counter threats against their lives and/or those of members of their family and reinforce the visibility and pursuit of their activities at a strategic timing.
  • The amount of funding requested may not exceed € 5,000.
  • The request is such that it cannot be fully supported on an emergency basis by another national, regional or international organisation.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to ask for any other explanation/documentation to the candidates if needed and to decide on whether it will provide full or partial support.


The guidelines governing emergency interventions are as follows:

1. The urgent request for funding

  • A short summary of the action to be supported in urgent situations and the expected results
  • A description of the activities in defence of human rights accomplished in the past and those currently being accomplished, with links to relevant websites
  • A description of the threats weighing on the defender(s) or on the continuity of his/her/their activities and the urgency of the situation
  • A description of the measures undertaken to mitigate and/or counter the risks and threats facing the defender(s)
  • Presentation of a budget for the action to be supported in emergency and any documentation to substantiate the expenses budgeted, if available
  • Indication whether the application is being examined by other potential donors.

2. The legal and financial profile of the applicant

  • A short summary of the activities accomplished in the past and those currently being accomplished together with the funding obtained for the accomplishment of these activities.
  • Names of human rights NGOs collaborating with the HRD within the framework of their activities.
  • Name and address details of two references or partners who may be contacted by the EMHRF for assistance or to recommend the application.


⇒ The candidates can express themselves freely in their application and are free to provide further details.

All requests, including those which are denied, receive a written reply. Even when an application is denied, the EMHRF Secretariat may follow-up if it can be determined that another organisation is in a position to support the applicant’s request.